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The videos and clips on this page are mostly from our home fellowship giving you a bit of perspective on the common life. They are for your viewing enjoyment only and may not be downloaded or distributed without permission. 


However, we strongly encourage you to check out the links below where we have collected very important information, documentaries, and testimonies that could change your life and future.

Some links are still under construction..., check back soon.

Addictions & Deliverance
False Christianity

Powerful song for youth;

"How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts?"

2017 Harvest Video at our Community

German Film Production of our community geared towards young people.

This video is a very condensed production done by a German filming crew in Sept of 2017. We had much more of our faith and life principles in the documentary, but producer omitted it due to time constraints. We will be getting the expanded version in the future and share it with you here. 

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