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Heaven, Hell and Salvation!

We have for you several video clips below that each deal with Hell, Heaven and Salvation. The first set is about Hell and what it's like, including testimonies of real people who have had near death experiences. Both Heaven and Hell are real places! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, and don't wait until its too late. Once we cross over through death, our fate is sealed! 

Jesus want's all men to be saved. No one ever spoke more on Hell than Jesus and we would do well to heed His counsel. He came to give live and to save, and no religious order, no sacrament, no church, no confession, no belief system or way of life can save a human soul. We are wretched sinners who deserve God's wrath, but He provides a solution, hope, and a future with Him eternally in Heaven. If you haven't turned from your sins, and put your faith in Jesus, and confessed Him with your mouth unto salvation, you are in danger of spending eternity banished from His presence! Act today! Tomorrow may not come. 

Testimonies of Hell and its Horrors, and the saving power of Jesus Christ

Below are 2 incredibly powerful testimonies of the horror of hell and the saving power of Jesus Christ! Must Watch!

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