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The creation/evolution debate has raged on for decades already. There are many great websites on the topic and unfortunately much hate going on when creation/evolution get discussed. Below are a series of seminars by Dr. Kent Hovind, which he presented before going to jail. I have never met Kent personally, but from his seminars, and many other teachings we know who he is. He is a man, a sinner saved by grace, a Bible believing creationist who has taken some missteps in his life (like most of us have), and as evidenced by some of his YouTube videos since coming from prison, he does seem to have lost his way in several areas. We pray for him, but his seminars are excellent if you can get past his off color jokes. Many Christians judge him harshly, but we take the material he presents as excellent science. Just eat the meat and spit out the bones, as he himself encourages. 

So we have to include two disclaimers with his videos. One of the most obvious is his "Once saved, always saved, and God is stuck with me" belief. The Bible references to refute that belief are too many to list here. But here is a great webpage on this teaching. We also don't approve of the arrogance he sometimes displays in some of his seminars. However, we do promote him for his science and incredible ability to connect with people of all ages, and his love for God's word. If you are an evolutionist, or theistic evolutionist, or even old earth, these seminars will open your eyes, as he presents some amazing stuff in them. 

Creation Science Evangelism Seminars by Dr. Kent Hovind

Seminar #1 The Age of the Earth

Seminar #2 The Garden of Eden

Seminar #3  Dinosaurs and the Bible

Seminar #4 Lies in the Textbooks

Seminar #5 Dangers of Evolution

Seminar #6 The Hovind Theory

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