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Discipleship Plan is Taking Shape.

We are now in Phase two in the development of "Daring Discipleship," and the plan is taking shape. The Development plan is now broken into 4 distinct phases, as the image below depicts. After a Christian has established a firm foundation in their faith, he/she moves on to a deeper walk with God. Each phase is characterized by a unique name, blue for sonship, orange for discipleship, green for comradeship, and purple for leadership. Each phase is approximately a 20 week interactive, intensive, and intentional growth plan that does far more than filling a believers head with facts and Bible study.  

In the first phase, blue, a believer is thoroughly established and grounded in their faith in God and sonship. Then they move into the most difficult phase of the entire journey, and that is discipleship. In this phase all the attention is focused on the inner man and inner transformation before we spend a year on comradeship, which is interpersonal development. In other words, becoming a good team player and brother in the body of Christ. The final phase is leadership, which teaches the equipped saint to teach and train others to repeat the cycle. 


We implement this plan yearly from November through April. The goal is to grow believers into transformed, victorious, bold, and faithful disciples of Jesus, whom He can then take and use for whatever purpose and calling our Father has placed on their lives. 

This plan will break any personal bondage, heal any wounds, and will help Christians be all God created them to be; stay tuned!


Clicking on the image will get you a larger version of it for further study. Please note, this is still a work in progress, therefore we ask that you use it for reference only, as this work is copyrighted. 

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