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Links to Important Websites and Information


The internet is rife with all sorts of information, and finding exactly what we're looking for can sometimes be challenging, not to mention dangerous! So we have put up this page with links to speakers, videos, courses, educational materials, discipleship training, and literature that is revelant and Biblically sound. We don't agree with everthing you will find at these sites, however, we do approve and can recommend all the following links. 


If you know of a site that you consider Biblically sound, send us an email from the contact page and we will review it. We know God's people can learn from each other, and we can be mutually encouraged in the Lord.

Christian Education


Christian Light Publications

This website is dedicated to wholesome Christian education material. Christian Light Publications is operated by conservative Menonnites with special emphasis on the training of Children.

They provided a complete Christ-centered curriculum from K to 12, plus a lot of wholesome reading material for all ages. 

Rod & Staff PublishersAnother website with conservative Christian literature and education material. This is an excellent source for educational material for schools. We use Rod & Staff material for Science and Social Studies with great success. Definitely recommended. 


Bob Jones Curriculum Bob Jones has been around for some time, and they offer quality education material for K to 12. We use some of their material in elementary and middle school. Recommended.



Christian Eldership Resources

This  is an outstanding resource for church leadership training and calling. Solid Biblical teaching and perspectives. Definitely recommend


Omega Discipleship Ministries

This website has an excellent discipleship course that follows a cyclical pattern of discipleship. It turns believers into disciples and disciples into disciple-makers. 


Harvesttime International

This website has an excellent discipleship curriculum that covers most of the basics and deeper areas of Christianity. Highly Recommended!


Answers in Genesis!

The website contains a wealth of information on all the angles of the creation/evolution debate. Ken Ham is a well-known creationist whose ministry has had far-reaching effects.


George Warnock

This website contains the writings of George Warnock. Definitely a man with a vision.

All his writings are free and his books not copyrighted. A huge sign of a servant of Christ.

Christian Websites 


Christian Answers

This is probably the best website you will ever find on information and books on practically every conceivable topic relating to Christianity, creation, evolution, and other religions or ideas. Highly recommended!




Christian Fellowship ChurchThis website from India has a number of great messages and writings by a preacher named Zac Poonen. Very comprehensive teachings on many areas of the Christian life.

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